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Why are trials recommended?

Trials are completely optional however they really do help you see your look in physical form and believe it or not, many clients will love a styles they wouldn't even think they would! It's also a great time to see how a hair accessory or veil fits into your look ( I bring plenty of accessories with me to trials that you can try and I can advise you where to buy!) Trials are also a great time to grab your friends and family for opinions if you are feeling undecisive or confused! We can also get to know each other, talk about your special occasion and go through the consultation form together making sure all your finer details are as desired. It also gives us both an more of an idea of timings for the special day.




                                 Trial Details

Trials can take place wherever you feel most comfortable, this could be at your home, a friends house or even in my creative space at my house. Trials can last up to 2 hours for a Bride and 1 hour 30 per additional client. This can be extended for an extra cost. Trials should take place 2-4 months before your occasion and accessories should be brought with you to your trial if possible. For further terms and conditions please contact me below! 

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